Speaking Built on Experience

Pattie Rydlun offers motivational keynote speeches along and career seminars that are customizable to the needs of the audience. Pattie works with you to build an experience that elevates your event to the next level. Her personal background runs the gamut, and she draws from that to successfully identify with people who have a variety of backgrounds, demographics, careers, and goals. Pattie speaks to an audience in an engaging and informative way without preaching from the podium.

Workshops that are Personalized and Personable

Motivational dialogue doesn’t have to come from a stage. Small groups are an effective way to deliver personalized attention and make connections through hands-on training. Engagement is key to winning over a reluctant group. Pattie breaks through the hesitation with humor and methods that encourage interpersonal interaction and networking.


Topics For You, Designed by Pattie

Pattie authored two motivational keynotes that can be tailored to fit any audience:

Take the Work out of NetWORKing

Many people shy away from networking because of fear of the unknown. Learn to network with confidence and eliminate the anxiety brought on by meeting new people. This fun interactive seminar uses networking exercises to help you develop a powerful and concise message while breaking down barriers like limiting beliefs, assumptions, and fears. This seminar teaches you how to implement the five qualities of great networkers into your personal plan of action and how to get results at networking organizations that best serve you.

Changing Obstacles into Opportunities

Obstacles are barriers that can be overcome by taking action. Is there a situation in your life or career that’s preventing you from moving forward, perhaps fear, criticism, or perfectionism? This presentation unveils seven powerful steps that turn obstacles into opportunities and stagnation into growth. Pattie’s step-by-step approach teaches you to identify each obstacle and how to turn it into a positive force for future success.

Customize a speech for your event

If your next event focuses on a specific topic or workplace challenge that you would like Pattie to address, she can craft a presentation specially designed to fit the subject at hand. Even custom presentations are guaranteed to be exciting, interactive, and transformational.

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