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Take the WORK Out of NetWORKing

Discover how to make networking effortless

Learn how to avoid limiting beliefs, assumptions, and fears around networking. Develop a powerful elevator speech that instantly connects with others in a clear concise message.

Uncover hidden barriers you may have around networking and how to avoid them in the future.  Discover the top five qualities of great networkers and learn how to incorporate those same qualities into your connections.  Develop and implement a plan of action and how to recognize networking organizations that serve you best. Read More>>

Changing Obstacles into Opportunities

What stops you in one situation is what stops you everywhere in your life. Discover what stops you from taking action and how to become unstoppable in your career. Learn how each reaction stops you from moving forward … stopping you from achieving the success you desire.

Customize a speech for your event

Pattie can create a special presentation just for your next event.  She will excite your audience with topics ranging from Career transitions, Motivation, Negotiating and Wealth.

During this presentation you will uncover the 7 powerful steps to changing obstacles into opportunities. You will also learn the proven methods to embrace obstacles such as procrastination, fear, criticism, and perfectionism.  Learn a step-by-step approach to change and overcoming obstacles.  Create a new paradigm to make each obstacle a positive force for your future success. Read More>>

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