Feeling stuck in a rut or uninspired by the current state of your career does not have to be your reality. You can advance and better yourself. You can transition into a better position in life. With the help of Career Transition Expert Pattie Rydlun, you can achieve what you once thought was unachievable.

Whether you’re looking for a career coach or a speaker that will inspire your audiences, Pattie Rydlun is available to motivate you to the next level. Ignite your career or business today!

Effective speakers use their own experiences to tell stories that audiences can relate to. Pattie will help you determine what’s right for your event – addressing your audience with an empowering keynote speech or facilitating workshops that add a touch of personal attention.

Transform your event with one of Pattie’s motivational keynotes – “Take the Work Out of Networking” or “Changing Obstacles into Opportunities.” Each program is tailored to fit the theme, needs, or goals of your event. Pattie also authors customized presentations to address specific topics or workplace challenges that are guaranteed to be exciting and effective.

Learn how Pattie can design an interactive message that impresses audiences and elevates your event.

Go Getter. Goal Oriented. Problem Solver.

From $20,000 per year jobs to $20 million business executive, Pattie has proven herself as a career transition expert. She used her own personal experiences to design a 7-Step Career Success Plan™ that’s guaranteed to help you achieve the goals you set for your life of business. Whether you need help determining short or long-term goals, overcoming resistance to change, or being held accountable for your success, Pattie will coach you step-by-step to achieve or exceed your goals.

No job? No promotion? Dead-end business? Eliminate those 99 problems in 7 easy steps. You are one call away from success. Take action today and learn more.

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